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Terms & Conditions Rules for Member’s Monthly Prize Draw

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1. The Prize Draw will continue monthly until the Board of Directors deems otherwise.

2. The subscription will be €60 per annum, per member. Subscriptions are paid annually by deducting €60 from the participating member’s share balance.

3. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that sufficient funds are in place at the relevant time to enable their entry to be included. The Credit Union has no obligation to notify members with insufficient funds in their account.

4. In the event that insufficient numbers subscribe to the draw, it may be suspended, amended or discontinued at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

5. Staff and volunteers are not permitted to participate in the draw.

6. Participation in the draw is limited to eligible members of Capital Credit Union Limited and they must be 18 years old on or before the draw date. Non-individual members are not eligible.

7. Each month the Board will allocate each entrant a ticket number and a Register of Entrants and their respective ticket numbers will be held at the Credit Union offices.

9. All draws will be held in a location and date specified by the Credit Union. The date and location of the Draw will be advised in advance of each draw.

10. The draw will be non-profit making. Any surplus funds may be disposed of by way of additional prizes. The value of any such prizes will be at the sole discretion of the Board. All legitimate expenses and overheads relating to the setting up and operation of the Draw will be borne by the Draw.

11. Where there are multiple draws for the top cash prize and/or additional prizes, the order of the draws will be decided in advance.

12. The winning members will be notified, and the winners’ names and photos may be displayed in the Credit Union offices and in other Credit Union publications.

14. Audited financial accounts of the draw fund will be presented to the Annual General Meeting of Capital Credit Union as part of the consolidated accounts of the Credit Union.

15. In the unlikely event of the winner being in default of any financial commitment to the Credit Union, the delivery of the prize may be delayed until such default is rectified and, if necessary, the prize may be disposed of in order to meet such commitments and the net proceeds, if any, paid to the winner.

16. The decision of the Board concerning the interpretation of the foregoing rules on any matter pertaining to the draw will be final and not subject to appeal.

17. Entry is limited to one entry per member per draw.

18. Where a member closes their account, this will automatically result in the withdrawal of that member from the Draw from the date of closure of the account.